Limited Edition: Freya – Goddess of Love


Limited Edition Norse Gods Series

Freya – The Goddess of Love

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The third release in the Norse Gods Series, Freya – Goddess of War is fabricated from a 1 oz, .999 fine silver coin.

The outer band features Freya, the Goddess of Love. Freya is known for her beauty and sexuality, and she is a beacon to lovers throughout the Nine Worlds. The outer band features this regal goddess standing upon a golden chariot, pulled by large cats. “Goddess of Love” is inscribed in the field, amongst brilliant skies punctuated by cumulus clouds.

The remarkably detailed inner band features a Valkyrie- one of the group of mythological creatures that scour the battlefields for heroic men to transport to Valhalla- the hall of the gods. When a warrior spotted the winged-helmet of the Valkyrie, he knew to fight relentlessly to conquer his foe and earn a spot among the most courageous men chosen to fight in Ragnarok. “VALKYRIE,” “Chooser of the Slain,” and “1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver” are all inscribed along the borders of the inner band.

This exclusive coin has a very limited mintage of 1000 pieces.

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