Morgan Dollar Coin Ring


Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring
“The Gamblers Dollar”
Available in US Ring Sizes 8 to 20

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This bold coin ring is hand forged from an antique Morgan Silver Dollar. The Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878-1904, and again in 1921. It is a beautiful and historical coin that makes a stunning ring. These double sided coin rings are available in US Ring Sizes 8 to 20. Each ring is custom made and is One Of A Kind (OOAK) and will be made specifically for you.

The outside of the ring depicts parts of the American Eagle, the words, “United States of America – One Dollar,” “In God We Trust,” and a beautiful greek-inspired wreath that encircles the coin.

The inside of the ring shows the profile of Lady Liberty, the Latin words, “E. Pluribus Unim” (Out of Many, One), and the year the coin was minted.

This is a large ring with a band width of approximately 12mm and is 2mm thick.

To make these beautiful rings we search for fine historical specimens so that the artistic detail stands out. The ring is forged in fire and is finished with a smoky patina to enhance the appearance of the artist’s rendering. The entire ring is then polished and antiqued.

Please be certain of your ring size when ordering, each item is made to order specifically for you.

Please note these are one of a kind. Each one is different and made just for you. The antique polish will wear over time to a patina that is completely unique to you.

This treasure is sure to become an heirloom in your family and a great reminder of your heritage, wherever life’s travels may take you.

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